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To-Do list- reminder to myself mostly

Ginga collab with bluedrgnMethy

hp sheet of Gloom

Is yours not here? Note me! I am human, and have concentration issues, so it's entirely likely that yours just slipped my mind.


Stuff Of Importance:




Browsing animations here and on other sites, I see a lot of basically the same mistakes being made by beginners. I see this in the lab I work in, too, actually.

Beware, this is kind of a rant.

Don't spend all your time focusing on one moving part, while forgetting other parts that should be moving!
I'm looking at you, kids who do cycles with heads/chests/hips that don't move.

Fast animation doesn't mean it's bad/doesn't always need extra drawings to smooth it out. Fast isn't always bad!
On the contrary, if everything is slower and moves at the same speed, it's boring. Combo fast and slow, smooth and sudden. This is why a well done ball bounce is so important, because it teaches exactly this.

If you can't imagine it clearly in your head, you need refs. If at any point you're like "what happens after this pose?" you need refs!
Seriously, take some time to at least watch real-time videos of what you want to animate, so you'll at least know what it should look like. If you can't find refs, and if it's something you could act out yourself, act it out and film yourself!
I can do some of this stuff largely ref-less because I have thousands of hours of nature documentaries in my blood. I have watched so many lions moving, I know what it should and should not look like. Even so, I still get refs for anything that's not a doodle.

Good animation has good anatomy. If you're unsure of where the joints are supposed to be, learn them before you try to animate them!
Where are a dog's wrists? What's a pastern? What's a hock? Don't know? Don't try animating until you do. Even stylized characters have the right joints. MLP ponies have hocks. Balto has pasterns.

12 principles.

Practice to learn. Practice a lot.
A lot. Eventually you'll stop having to actively think about a lot of things, they'll just happen in your work, because you've done it so much you feel this stuff. But it takes a lot to get there. In the meantime, experiment the crap out of it, and learn!

Feature films take 2 years and 500 people to make.
You yourself won't make one by yourself. Acknowledge how much work animation is, and what is and is not practical for the time you have. Even if you have unlimited time, will your interest/attention span last as long as it needs to? If you can cut corners, do.

Just because you don't have to draw it, doesn't mean it's easier LOL
Puppet animation and tweened animation is almost harder, because you give up a portion of your control over it. Same goes for 3D. This shit is hard to do right, no matter how you're doing it.

That's it for now. Enjoy my animation rant.
Edit: all good, thanks peeps!

Peeps I need help!

I'm currently tasked with designing an Arabian-type unicorn character for an animation collab -->  Horse studies - lookin for a unicorn by nekonotaishou

But I'm having trouble nailing down a good style for the nose! I need you guys to flood this journal with artists and examples of their work that you think is good stylized horsies!

The sort of thing I'm looking for is stuff like TigerTang and Cat-Orb's work; good character stylization with good shapes that still feel like a real horse, but are not full of line detail.

This sort of stuff

YHH - Gypsy King by Cat-Orb Sa Headshots Batch 1 by TigerTang

There's probably lots of exactly what I'm looking for in :iconstarborn-alignment: and similar groups, but I'm not in them so I don't know whose work is cool beans ;o;

Ideally, the artists you guys show me will have many examples of horses in their galleries. Please don't link to an artist that has, like, only one or two horse drawings total.

Flood away! Unleash the horsies!

:star: I repeat that I do not want well-drawn realistic horses, I want well-drawn cartoon horses :star: so please don't come at me with beautifully rendered, photo-realistic HARPG stuff. Stylized HARPG is fine, like valachhim for example

Also let me repeat that I'm focusing on how other people draw the noses on their cartoon horses. Noses. And that I'm looking for less-is-more type stuff; styles heavy with line detail are not what I'm looking for.

Please don't link me famous cartoon horses from media; I have already crawled all over the designs of The Last Unicorn, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and every Disney horse ever.

Sorry, tagged artists, for any inconvenience ;A;

for myself, list of artists whose work is good for this (don't feel bad if you/your friend is not on this list, this list basically means "you draw good simplified horse nostrils in-line with what I'm looking for" :p all the artists suggested so far have been amazing)

hh-harley *warning, gallery contains too many photos of beautiful paint horses, Nekno must approach with caution to not get caught up saving all pictures*
Wouv *


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About me
Twin sister :iconcomixqueen:

Name: Olivia. Call me Nekno unless you're my buddy or have met me IRL.

:flagofmexico: by capncraka Born and raised in México City, México; currently living in San Francisco.

I graduated from Academy of Art University in 2015 with a BFA in Animation and Visual Effects. Currently freelancing with a day-job as a lab tech at my old university.

I have so far freelanced in the mobile game industry and the animation industry.

I'm a huge biology nerd; I love to learn about animals of all kinds, and so am full of largely useless (but interesting) information about them. Ask me anything.
I am also a docent (educator/tour guide) at the San Francisco Zoo.

Career goal: Be a creature designer/character animator. Maybe also an illustrator and a creature modeler. We'll see, still learning.

Favorite animals: Cats in general, cheetah = top fav, Smilodon close second. Mola mola, Moose. I have a weakenss for Knabstrup, paint, and draft horses.

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Adoptables Account: :iconnekno-designs:

Other sites:
Tumblr | GingaBoard | Youtube | Livejournal

Websites I cannot live without: Arkive, Behindthename, Bulbapedia, GreenScreenAnimals


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